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Handcrafted in small batches using farmstead raw milk of the highest quality, our Mount Raclette cheese is truly a work of art.
Fashioned after a favorite French & Swiss mountain cheese but with a Wisconsin twist, select above between two distinct flavor profiles to please your taste buds:

- Our Classic version: a creamy Raclette cheese with prominent earthy and fruity flavors

- Our Mild version: a buttery Raclette cheese with sweet and nutty notes

All our cheese are aged at least 60 days on rustic wood boards in our cave-like cellar.

Enjoy this cheese in the traditional way melted over a plate of baby potatoes, cured meats and dill pickles, or simply as a delectable table cheese paired with crusty bread, apple slices & a glass of either white Savoyard wine or red Burgundy wine.

Quantity: 8oz

Region: Kewaunee, WI

Age: Two months

Milk: Farmstead raw milk

Mount Raclette - Alpinage

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