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Brick - ButterKase Cheese 8 oz. Brick - Garlic Brick Cheese 8 oz.
Our Price: $7.26
Our Price: $3.85

Butterkase Cheese from Cheesers Brick Garlic Cheese
A very mild cheese that fits in the semi-soft texture category. This cheese is very creamy and mild in flavor. If you are looking for a cheese to melt over vegetables this just might be your cheese as Butterkäse melts very nicely and will not overpower the vegetables. Also a delightful cheese with fruit and crackers. The great taste of Wisconsin Brick cheese loaded with garlic pieces.
Brick - German Brick Cheese 8 oz. Brick - Limburger Cheese 8 oz.
Our Price: $5.50
Our Price: $6.66
German Brick Cheese Wisconsin Limburger Cheese
German Brick Cheese is tangy and pungent. A wonderful aged flavor. Some say it's a step away from Limburger. A semi-soft cheese with origins from Belgium. Only one factory in the USA located in Monroe Wisconsin produces Limburger domestically. Limburger is a pungent smelling surface-ripened cheese that pairs well with hearty rye breads and even a slice of onion. Goes Well With: Pumpernickel and other dark or whole-grain breads, crackers, pretzels, onions, pickled vegetables, mustard Dark and bock beers.
Brick - Onion & Chive Brick Cheese 8 oz. Brick - Wisconsin Mild Brick Cheese 8 oz.
Our Price: $3.63
Our Price: $4.35

Wisconsin Cheese, Onion & Chive Cheese Wisconsin Mild Brick Cheese
The great taste of Wisconsin Brick cheese with the savory flavors of onion and chive. A Wisconsin original cheese. This cheese is a mild and sweet with a touch of nuttiness. Slice for sandwiches or shred for casseroles. A mild brick cheese goes well with Gamay Beaujolais or other light red wines and sweet pickles. Mild Brick makes excellent macaroni and cheese, potatoes au gratin or hash browns. Try top toasted Italian bread with asparagus, ham, and Wisconsin Brick; broil and serve open face.
Brick - Wunderbar Cheese 8 oz. Kerrygold Aged Irish Cheddar Cheese - 8oz
Our Price: $5.28

List Price: $8.00
Our Price: $8.00
Wunderbar Cheese Aged Kerrygold Cheese from Cheesers
Wunderbar cheese is a yellow Brick cheese with a mild taste and creamy texture. Great for slicing or melting. Infused with the robust flavor of whiskey, Kerrygold’s rich and creamy Aged Cheddar now has unique undertones of the smooth, woody and nutty taste of pure Irish Whiskey. Entrenched in the history and traditions of Ireland, Cheddar and whiskey are now together in one spirited Irish grass-fed cow’s milk cheese. This tasty combination is the perfect compliment to your party’s gourmet cheese platter and is also a unique gift item. Comes in 1/2 lb slices.
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